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No peels without a consultation! Your skin’s safety is my first concern. The cornerstone of Peels To The People is an analysis of your skin, listening to your concerns, and developing suggestions for how to improve your skin’s health and appearance.

You can find the products that will work for you! Using medical-grade skin care on a daily basis is vital. You will spend more time on your skin than I will so what you put on really matters. You can change your skin’s appearance with products alone, but you can jump start and enhance your own progress with peels and other procedures that we’ll cover in our consultation.

If I believe you should see a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or other medical provider, I can refer you to the best practitioners in the Portland, OR or St. George, UT areas.

Consultations are complimentary.
Allow 30 minutes for a consultation.

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Facials are designed to deep-clean the skin based upon your skin's type and condition. A typical facial includes a thorough examination through a high-powered magnifying lamp, the application of an appropriate exfoliating product, the removal of any debris such as blackheads and milia, a mask for the face and neck, and a light facial massage. Every facial also includes a hand and foot massage if desired and the application of an appropriate moisturizer or treatment product and sunscreen. Your face will glow with health and you'll feel energized, pampered and relaxed.

Facials are $85.
Allow one hour for a facial.

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Peels have been around for years. While other resurfacing procedures such as microdermabrasion and intense pulsed light have created buzz, nothing beats a good peel for safety, efficacy, value and results. Peels, low tech though they may be, are the workhorse of a healthy skin care routine. When combined with a targeted home-care program, peels can dramatically and quickly boost your results.

Light (medically known as “superficial”) peels can help correct problems ranging from acne to aging, from melasma to sun damage. After your skin is analyzed, a thorough discussion of the benefits and risks of peels will be reviewed and the appropriate peel formula will be recommended. Often peels can be performed immediately after a consultation. In some cases however, skin care preparation is necessary. This could involve extracting milia or clogged pores in a clinical facial or preconditioning the skin for better peel results.

Chemical peels range in price from $80 to $130.
Botanical peels are $35.
Enzymatic peels are $55.
Package rates are available.
Allow 30 minutes for a consultation, and an additional 30 minutes for a peel.

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Revitalight® is non-invasive, gentle and effective cosmetic skin treatment using safe and innovative photopulsation (LED) light technology. Revitalight treatments will improve the clarity and smoothness of most types of skin while minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Your skin will appear smoother, tighter and healthier with each treatment. A series of six treatments with a week to two weeks interval between sessions is recommended, followed by maintenance treatments every two months. Unlike painful tightening treatments like Thermage, Revitalight gently stimulates cellular renewal with no pain or downtime, and at a fraction of the cost. Revitalight can be performed on the neck and chest, as well as, the face.

Like a hand and glove, Revitalight treatments totally compliment peels to achieve even better results. The gentle LED light is painless and the 20+ minute treatment time is quite relaxing. Revitalight can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or added at the end of a peel session.

Each Revitalight treatment is $30 - $90 (depending on treatment areas)
Allow 10 to 30 minutes per treatment.

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Enjoy shapely brows or fur-free faces with a waxing system suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Lashes and brows can also be enhanced using natural vegetable dyes. Brow care implies good grooming!

Brow shaping/waxing, $25
Chin or lip waxing, $15
Full face, $50
Brow tint, $20
Lash tint, $25

Allow 15 to 20 minutes.

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Gentle, light and incredibly relaxing movements remove toxins from the face and neck. Very appropriate following facial plastic surgery to assist in faster recovery, MLD also helps ease sinus congestion, sinus headaches and puffy eyes.

$55 for 30 minutes.

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Celebrate birthdays, holidays, milestone events or just because you want peels! Peel parties can be combined with skin care classes or held as a stand-alone event. Since peels are “serious skin care”, we treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve but that’s no reason not to have fun!

The host/hostess of the peel party will receive either a discount or a complimentary procedure based on the number of participants.

Parties are limited to six in order to provide close attention and customized treatments. If any peel “virgins” are uncomfortable with having a chemical treatment, effective botanical masks are available. Everyone has an opportunity to participate and have fun!

There is no charge to host a peel party, just find a sitter for the kids and be ready to share some great adult time with your friends.

Allow one to two or more hours, depending upon the number of guests.

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Consider the Peels To The People alternative to those traditional facials at the same old places. Show them you know what they really want for:

  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • graduation & proms
  • bridal showers & weddings
  • holidays
  • back to school
  • reunions

any reason you can think of!

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